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Los Angeles Immigration Help | Immigration Assistance in Los Angeles | Los Angeles Immigration Services
Immigration Assistance in Los Angeles | Citizenship Immigration Services Los Angeles | Los Angeles Immigration Services | Los Angeles Immigraton Help
Immigration Assistance in Los Angeles | Citizenship Immigration Services Los Angeles | Los Angeles Immigration Services | Los Angeles Immigraton Help
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Linton Immigration Consulting Services in Los Angeles

Immigration Assistance in Los Angeles | Citizenship Immigration Services Los Angeles | Los Angeles Immigration Services | Los Angeles Immigraton Help

Meagan - Applying for a visa in the United States can be stressful, so having personal and expert service from Linton Immigration was the right thing to do for me. I needed to adjust my status in the United States and they kept me up to date with my paperwork and the status of my case.
Anand - I would definitely recommend using Linton Immigration Consulting Services to help complete the lengthy forms and they got everything right the first time which was a huge relief. I once went to another place of service and they botched my entire case. Linton Immigration are experts and they know what they are doing.
Brandy - It is a great relief to find professional and friendly consultants who support you through your case process. I could always talk to a consultant either by telephone or online with quick responses, therefore reducing time to meet in person which saves me time. I strongly urge anyone who needs immigration consulting to reach out to Linton Immigration Consulting Services.
Gustavo - I needed to get my spouse here from Mexico and my consultant was extremely helpful and informative. It was such a stressful time, however Brandi Linton, was prompt and professional at all times and help me reunite with my spouse. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Linton Immigration.
Kevin - I was trying to apply for an Employer Petition for my employee and I initially thought to handle the application myself, but I quickly realized the difficulties and delays inherent in the process, so I contacted Linton Immigration and was assured that thru their experience and professionalism the petition would go thru without any hiccups. The case was a success and I was very I made the decision to work with them.
Lindsey — One of the most important aspects of the process was the detailed guidance on the exact documentary evidence needed to support my case, which we were able to assemble. Not only did they do that but also added a rigorous cover letter arguing my case. When I finally received my National Visa Center appointment, my consultant navigated me through the several stages of the process to a successful outcome. I strongly recommend Linton Immigration Consulting Services.
Natalie - I am a Argentinean national whose existing visa was about to expire and I needed advice as to my options available. I was given clear advice by Luther Linton of the procedures required and the options available together with a detailed list of documentary evidence I would need to assemble a successful case. I recommend Linton Immigration Consulting Services. They are very helpful, competent, and committed to help on my case in every possible way. Also the phone service and service by email was very reasonable and timely.
Micaela - I retained the services of Brandi Linton to get me a permanent residence based upon my employer sponsoring me. She spent a great deal of time and expertise to get the labor certification filed by my employer on my behalf. Attempts by lawyers had failed in the past. Two prior cases had been denied and I was beginning to feel that my dream to live permanently in the United States was not going to happen. Brandi’s knowledge of the laws and process finally allowed for me to get my petition and ultimately a Green Card approval. I am very happy for Brandi’s involvement in my case and for her diligence and effort.
Philipp - I hired the services of Linton Immigration Consulting Services to help my wife stay in the United States because USCIS was trying to penalize her. I cannot thank the Linton Consultants enough for helping me with my wife’s paperwork and getting her a green card. It was a long road, but they stuck by me and proved they were worth every penny. I will always be happy to work with Linton Immigration for future visa applications and to this day I still recommend them when asked if I know anyone who can help with immigration paperwork.
Ruksana - I was impressed by the efficiency with which Luther Linton handled my naturalization case. He provided me with personal support and even though I was a nervous wreck about my case, he assured me that all my paperwork was aligned and in good hands. From the date my application was filed to the time I received the green card, his guidance made the whole process more efficient and less stressful than it would have otherwise been.

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